About Us

Rima D's is a spin-off of The Porch Restaurant in Russell Springs, Kentucky, located in the lake Cumberland area. Rima moved from Northern Kentucky to Russell Springs in 1992 and opened the The Porch in 1995

Lake Cumberland attracts over a million tourist each year from many areas including Lexington, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati. Due to overwhelming positive reponse to Rima's home-cooked food, homemade desserts, service prices, and atmosphere, she decided to bring the same home-style dining to her hometown, Crescent Springs, Kentucky, and call it Rima D's. She opened the store on February 16, 2004.

Rima's best friend, Connie Miller, a local of Jamestown, Kentucky manages The Porch Restaurant. So, the next time you're down in that neck of woods, tell Connie, "Rima sent me" and she just might give you a piece of pie!